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How To Get Him To Propose You in 8 Amazingly Sexy Ways

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How to get him to propose right now?

Learning how to get him to propose you is not an easy job. It takes lots of time and energy and can be frustrating at times. I understand you are in love with your man and a time comes in every girl’s life when she wants to take her relationship to the next stage. But she feels hesitant in doing so every girl dreams of having a loving and caring boyfriend. Probably her dream guy but how to get him to propose you, believe me or not it’s very simple you just have to change his mind to marrying state of mind. To do this you have to love him with all your hearts, care him be loyal and generous. When he will see your dedication he will be forced to propose you. Still let’s find out some ways how to get him to propose you and find happiness.

how to get him to propose
1. Find out he wants to get married or not
When it comes to talk about marriage men think differently. It won’t take them much time to make a girlfriend but the moment you talk about marriage their priorities change. On the other hand women have different thoughts altogether. They just want a sweet and loving man and perfect home to settle down. Being a girl you need to check him out what he wants does he see you as a potential wife or not. I believe his answers to how to be a good lover totally depends on what kind of relationship you guys have shared in the journey of your love. All I want to say is how much he trusts and believes you which is the only thing that would be the deciding factor. If you have been honest and caring towards him than the below mentioned steps will be helpful to you.

give him signs

2. Give him signs
Relationship and marriage are two different sides of the same coin. It’s important to make him realize that it’s time to get married. Eliminate the potential fear in his mind tell him you are absolutely ready to be his bride. Don’t say directly look for the ideal time like on your friend wedding or while you are going out on a casual date or you can tell him while you are lying down together and relaxing. Try to ignite the curiosity in his mind and see how he reacts to your questions. This will probably give you to better idea about his thoughts on marriage and if he is really interested he will surely propose you.

couples having healthy conversation

3. Have a healthy conversation
How to get him to propose you with healthy conversation? Well this step requires some doing as it is the most important step in framing your future marriage life. Talk honestly with your partner about his views on marrying you without pressurizing him. Do not try to use any strategy to manipulate his mind just try to keep a healthy conversation so that both are on one track without any confusion what so ever. Remember relationships built on truth and honesty always go long distance so try and get over trust issues if you guys any to have a healthy future marriage. This will help both of you to judge were your relationship is heading towards. At the same time if he really loves you and wants to marry you after having this conversation he will tempted to propose you for marriage.

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Be a wife material

4. Make him see his future with you and only you
If you want to get him to propose than you have to create environment of love were he won’t be able to imagine his life without your love. Start subtly about living together in future having kids and watch his reactions on that. You have spend 4 yrs in a relationship but that doesn’t mean he want to be with you for the next 40 yrs too. Still if he always includes you in his talks about his future plans, having a big house than it is a definite sign he is going to propose you for marriage. But at the same time you have to be patient and understand that even though your thoughts of marrying him was on your mind long time back. But for him it’s totally new so don’t expect a direct yes or no, give him time to think over it to arrive at a decision.

make him see his future with you

5. Be a wife material
If you want know how to get him to propose you have to learn the art of being a wife material. Even though he thinks of you as sexy woman full of love and enthusiasm, but that’s only not enough you cannot keep him interested only with sex and beauty. Men think differently you have to convince him with your actions, make him feel that you will be good mother and good wife. You will take care of him and his kids in trying circumstances. If you probably don’t know cooking you will learn how to cook a healthy food. In general you are ready to do all the required sacrifices to keep your married life strong and healthy in future. He needs to be sure that you know how to carry a relationship positively. You know how to tackle anger and conflicts to maintain peaceful and healthy environment. You have to be honest enough to learn all this qualities in order to get him to propose you.

keep him guessing

6. Keep him guessing
It’s always good to have upper hand in a relationship. Don’t let him take you for granted. Provide him little hints about your other guy friends who are dying for your attention. Remember do not hurt his sentiments or create insecurities in your relationship do love and care him as usual like you do always. But in gentle way make him aware that there are lots of other guys who are ready to trade places and take his positions. It will keep him under check and make him fight for you as you hold lot of value in his eyes as well as in the eyes of others too.

make him a better person

7. Make him a better person
Being a woman you need to realize it’s not only a question of getting a man to propose you. In fact your job is also to make your man a better person in the eyes of the world first. Before you wish to make him fall in love with you, try giving him right advice and suggestions in every decisions of his Life. At the same time your job is to improve him as a human being. Though men look tough from outside but they get weak in testing circumstances. This is the time when you need to help and stand by him to give all the support he needs. Remember all this things will create good memories for him to remember and it will also push him to choose you as a wife rather than choosing anyone else.

show him what he will lose

8. Make him realize what he will lose
You have tried to convince him in every possible way. If he is still confused and don’t know what to do it’s totally fine. Give him time to think and arrive at a decision as marriage is not a joke. Everyone has the right to choose the right kind of person for themselves. He has got the rights too. But you need to make one thing clear in your mind that you have been very loyal to him. You have invested lots of time, love and energy to keep your relationship strong and going. Still if he is not sure what he wants than it’s not your fault. I believe you should move on without getting angry over it as love cannot be forced if he is yours he will realize and come back bending down on his knees to propose you.

These are some of the really true ways to your dream guy. But what important is to survive a relationship only love is not enough. It’s easy to fall in love initially during the newly intimate physical phase of a relationship. But to develop and nurture love thinking and feeling for a relationship is very important. True colors if a relationship is revealed only after the initial physical phase gets over. How both the partners react falling in love happens early on when we hardly know each other. But love develops more when we stay together learning each other’s good and bad points. It is the time when the initial physical phase is gone. A couple who love each other would end their relationship at this stage. But the one who are really and truly love each other will always stay together and forever. Now it’s up to you guys to decide where your relationship stands before getting him to propose you.

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