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6 Killer tips on how to make your ex miss you

 How to make your ex miss you

Break up is very disheartening in a relationship. One can never imagine how bad the feeling is when the world of your love is crumbling around you. But why do we end up relationship?

It’s probably because we are not in love anymore. We find multiple reasons to end a relationship, but do we find any reasons to hold on together. Remember it is the same relationship that once made us smile.

Now it’s the same relationship which is making us cry. So how to make your ex miss you, how to move on and craft a new life this are some unanswered questions the answers to which is yet to be found.

At this point your relationship is over but how to make your ex miss you badly so that they become desperate to get back to you again. Let’s see how to make your ex miss you in the steps below.

I would like to let you know that it’s not a one day process it takes time nothing comes easy in life please make a note of it.

how to make your ex miss you

1. Avoid making any contact
If you really want to know how to make your ex miss you just try the no contact rule. It is the best weapon to increase your chances of making them miss you. Just commit yourself not to contact them by any means of communication.

I have learned from my past that absence of a person intensifies the love for that person in our heart. You get trapped emotionally and make the mistake of calling or texting which is not the right thing to do.

It will only make your situation more vulnerable and pathetic.

The more you follow the no contact rule the more they will wonder and think about you. It’s in our nature we realize the importance of a person only after they are gone.

Once you make yourself available to them it will reveal your weakness and it will prove you cannot live without them which will reduce the chances of your ex miss you.

hide your sadness

2. Hide your sadness show you are happy
Avoid living in a sad state of mind. Be cheerful on your social media profile.

Do not upload sad images or sad status, it will not do any good to you, in fact, it will prove how weak you are without ex and how badly you need them in your life.

So don’t do all these stupid things instead be creative upload status of happiness though you are sad inside, do not reveal it to the real world.

Doing this will actually keep your ex guessing and eventually, your silence will get the better of your ex.

They will be forced to think what the hell is wrong with you how can you be so happy when they are sad without you.

They will be confused and will definitely try to find the reason behind your happiness.

Ultimately they will be forced to miss you and follow you. This is one top way how to make your ex miss you badly.

get a new look

3. Get a new look
Getting a new look doesn’t mean you change your whole appearance. You just to do a little bit of modification to improve your overall look and personality.

Try a new hairstyle or get some new clothes that suit your appearance and make you look more appealing and darting. In simple words look different from how you looked in the past.

Your new look will make your ex jealous there is also a chance that they might think you have found someone new that is why you have altered your look.

This will keep them guessing as lots of negative thought will start to grow in their mind and they will end up missing you more day after day.

Really want your ex back again follow me?

take time to heal your broken heart

4. Take time to heal
After a breakup it is obvious you are sad lots of negativity must be killing you deep inside.

But what important is to realize what was the reason behind the breakup.

Make sure you are not blaming yourself at the same time not blaming your partner too for the breakup.

It was bound to happen you cannot stop things from happening as it is not in your control so just chill. Also, understand that relationships end due to lack of understanding not because of lack of love or commitment.

If there is love but not the balance of understanding it will always result in the downfall of any relationship.

Love with proper understanding and commitment to face good and bad circumstances will always lead to success.

So take your time and heal your heart convince your mind that there was something wrong which you both couldn’t correct at the right time.

All this thought process will create positivity in your heart and you will understand love in a better way than you did in your past.

date someone new

5. Date someone new
The best way how to make your ex miss you is by dating someone else. No one would love to see their partner dating someone else after the breakup.

Even thought of it will fill your heart with jealousy.

By any chance if your partner gets this information it is natural they will miss you and will try to find different ways to get in touch.

This is an obvious thing in any relationship you fight and end up everything in minutes.

But the moment you see your love hanging out with someone else, you squirm like a fish kept out of the water.

This is because the true feeling of love still exist some were in the heart which doesn’t allow to forget real love and this is the true definition of love and this true love feeling will make them miss you badly.

texting a girl or boy

6. It’s time to connect through text messages
Now that you have moved on from a breakup, it’s time to get in touch after a long period of silence, spending days without them, learning new things, making new friends.

A friendly text message saying (how are you- hope you are doing well actually I heard your favorite song some were which reminded me of you) this is more than enough to get things going as this words will add a little bit of substance in your message.

Remember you have to stop here that’s it doesn’t beg for attention or any reply from their side.

Be strong I know there is always a temptation to send a new message again.

It’s likely because in emotions you tend to get weak. But here you are on a mission to make your ex miss you so you need to be strong.

Last but not least if they do reply your text make sure you are not replying them instantly.

Take your time don’t rush as it will spoil every plan you made after your break up to make them miss you.

Break up is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in life.

Probably everyone who has broken up with their girlfriend or boyfriend has gone through this very critical situation where you don’t know what to do. B

reak up makes us emotionally weak and it is a phase when we are so desperate that we are ready to do anything to get them back.

But what we need to do be strong and think positive.

I pray you are not in this situation but still if you are and you want to make your ex miss you and start chasing you then read the above steps on how to make your ex miss you.

Though I don’t guarantee, in most situations it will definitely prove to be fruitful.

Really want your ex back again follow me?

I hope you found the post on how to make your miss you useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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