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20 Best Deep Meaningful Love Poems For Him


Love Poems For Him To Make Him Yours Forever

Every girl fall in love at least for once in her life and all have one feeling in common that is to love and be loved by their boyfriend.

They all wish to be a perfect girlfriend but sometimes they don’t understand how to convey their feelings to their boyfriend.

Being a girl you can do many little things to convey your love like you can write some cute love poems for him or plan a surprise candle light dinner for him or present him a cute little gift.

But I believe out of all writing love poems for him conveys your feelings in the best possible way. Because I believe words touches heart more than physical things.

Explore your feelings with the help of sweet words of love and jot down your feelings on a piece of paper by writing sweet love poems for him to show how much you love and respect.

Make him feel he is the best gift lord has given you by praising him every now and then by telling him that your heart beats only for him.

Show your love for him by writing love poems of him to let him know that your romance is real and it would last for life long.

Romantic Love Poems For Him

1. To live with you is what I want all my life
I pray for the day when we would be husband and wife
Making love to you all night long kissing
Letting our love to flow within
The sweet taste of your tender lips
I would never want to miss
I feel so safe when you hug me tight
Everything seems to be perfectly alright
I feel lucky in life that I have you
Never thought we would go so far when our love was so new

2. I had no idea about what love was
Until the day we met
Falling in love with you
Made me understand what true love is
It was then I realized, love is deep feeling of
Existence of purity, perfection and true romance
You cleared all my doubts and put them in peace
Because love for me is it nothing but your existence
In my life till the end of the world

3. Thinking about you is like an addiction
Talking with you is like an affliction
Loving you is what I wish to do all night and day
Listening to every single word that you say
Hugging you gives rest and peace to my soul
Being your girl has become my favorite role
I love you Baby! You are everything that I need in this life

4. Quotes about love or songs about love
Morning dawn or evening sunset
Nothing can prove my love for you
But one thing I can always assure you
I will never fall out of love any day
Even if the world turns upside down
You are the beginning and the end of my family

5. They say love speaks no language
But mine does pretty well
My heart speaks to yours
In a code no one can tell
They say love is blind
But I don’t believe it at all
The very first time we met
In my heart, I knew, I would fall
Now, my heart speaks only one language
Which is the language of love


6. It’s true I admire you a lot
It’s because you are too hot
You are so loving and charming
That spending time with you is beautiful and amazing
You are so adorable and sweet
That you simply control my heartbeat
I feel lucky to be with a guy like you
Definitely I feel among the lucky few

7. You are precious gift I had ever
You are someone I will forget never
Living life without you is like obstacle
Because you a guy who is irreplaceable
You are the love of my life, for whom I deeply care
Peace and prosperity is what is wish for you in my prayer

8. Love is not only about writing love poems for him or her everyday
It’s also about understanding one another for making a way
Love is not only about enjoying beautiful weather in the rain
It’s also about letting go of misunderstandings for sharing the pain
Love is not only about uploading pictures and receiving tweets
It’s also about facing difficult situations to make each other’s lives complete
These little facts about love are really true
That I realized after falling in deep love with you

9. You are the inspiration that keeps me strong throughout my day
You are the power that clears all the hurdles in my way
You are the moonlight that sparkles in my bedroom every night
You are star of my life that glimmers so bright
You are the air that I breathe to stay alive
You are my heart that beats inside
You are the energy that runs into me
You are the only one I can see
You are my guitar that I love to play and sing
You are my sweet angel of love and everything
You are my one and only
You give me courage to stand when I am sad and lonely
You will rule my heart like a prince I never had this clue
Sweet heart in this birth I cannot think of losing you
Every passing day I pray GOD for you to be my husband, and me to be your wife
Baby I want to live in your arms for the rest of my life.

10. Spending time thinking about you is like a hobby that’s nothing new
I thought about you today, yesterday and the day before that too
You are like obsession that keeps haunting my head
Losing you is the only thing in life that I am afraid
Everything what I am saying is true and not a lie
I will make sure that in life I will never make you cry
I love you with all my heart and soul the way you are
I pray to GOD that our love goes really far
With you I feel my life is complete and done
I hope this relationship flourish in the future to come
Every time I think of you blood starts to flow through my vein
When I imagine my life without you my heart gets filled with pain

11. You wash away my tears when I cry
You raise my hopes in times when I feel I would die
Your are my heart, my soul and my crown
Ever since you have come my life has turned upside down
You trust me and my words when no one does
You are my now, my is and my was
The moment I see you my eyes begins to blush
I feel shy when my friends say I notice you too much
When I lay in your arms time flies by so fast
It’s like the present in the past
I love you so much that you can never believe
If I ever lost you my heart will get filled with pain and grieve
I wish you and me to stay together this way
Even a thought of spending life without you makes my colorful life grey

12. The only desire I have is to always reside in your heart
We live together forever without getting apart
No one else could even compare
We are simply better than the best in the love we share
We have so much to share more than I ever thought we would
My love for you is getting sweeter then I ever imagined it could
I commit to love you with all I have to give
As long as I don’t die I would do anything till I live
In your arms I see our present, future and past
Your eyes always give me clue for our love to last
I am waiting for the day for you to realize
How perfect is our relationship if you could see through my eyes


Some Short Love Poems For Him

13. Ours is the best love story I had ever seen
I knew it from the very first day we begin
Love, pain and obstacles together we had seen
Nothing can separate us is how I feel deep within

14. Like the pleasing shade of a tree in summer
Like the pleasing warmth of sun in winter
Like the sweet fragrance of flowers in garden
Like the beautiful butterflies in spring
This is how I feel every time
Whenever I think about you and me

15. The touch of your love taught me to fly
You shared the pain and tears in my eye
The song of love and happiness that I sing
Is the feeling in my life every day you bring

16. The love for me in your eyes is so true
Is the reason behind me falling in love with you
I believe we are one and never two
More than what you have given, I will give you too

17. The true love in your heart I can always trust
I know you believe in feelings and not sex and lust
You are the best surprise I have received through favour
If I ever lost you, life would be nothing but hard labour

18. Writing love poems for him with an unending font
Scripting my words on a piece of paper is all what I want
Loving him truly is only task that my heart knows
Believe me my love I love you from your head to toes

19. Stunning is too little a word
To describe my feelings for you
If it was in my hands
I would grab the stars and drop them in your feet

20. Everything that I need is you to be near
Every moment I wish to spend with you my dear
You are the only one for me who really cares
I am grateful to you for being there, without your love I stand nowhere

Girls this are some cute love poems for him to show your love and romantic gestures for the special person in your life. You can write love poems for him on any occasion of the year. Remember writing love poems for him will speak the feelings and true emotions in your heart and expressing them in words will make sure he really appreciates your love and never forgets you for whole life.

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